Sunday, September 9, 2012

Headline Of The Year?

Credit where credit's due. The Victoria Police's press release has my favorite headline for the cockfighting story (so far). Innuendo doesn't get any more awkward (or painful). 

The Age have gone with the painful sounding, City raid busts cockfighting ring (see your doctor if pain persists), and The Herald Sun have gone with the adventurous, Police raid a suspected cock-fighting ring.

But I know some of you could do better. 

The best readers' headline given in the comments gets a prize. 


  1. Police see red as cock fighting ring leads to bust.

    Police pull off cock fighting ring raid.

    86 people busted cock fighting.

    Cock fighting ring broken.

    Lengthy cock fighting ring busted.

    Cock fighting ring has circulation cut.

    Cock fighting ring hard to hide.

    Cock fight ring broken - animals find relief.

  2. "Police raid a ring of fighting cocks"

  3. How about, 'Cops break cockfighting ring, "hundreds" of cocks to be destroyed'

  4. ultimate cock block! ring closes with police pressure

    police initiate ring sting

    fun game this...

  5. Nice entries. Keep them cumming (sic).

  6. Police Stunned by Sheer Size of Cock Fighting Ring.

    More cocks in King Street than Rockbank, say police.

    86 Arrested when Cock Ring Exposed

  7. Police Succeed in Hands on Cock Fighting Raid.

    "We were stiff" Cock fighting ringleader says.

  8. "Police still attemping to learn the pecking order of the cock heads"

  9. Love the ring sting! How bout these:

    Large cockfighter's ring penetrated by police.

    Police bust open ring and find cocks in cages.

  10. Cock ring blown open

    Cocks seized in illegal ring attack

    Police point to cock abuse as ring exposed